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How to Basics for Driving our McLaren 570S or 570GT!

Updated: May 9, 2023

Here you can find the basics on how to operate our McLaren 570S or 570GT.

Our McLaren 570 models do not have a park gear button. Instead, you will need to use the e-brake which is located near your left knee.

If parked and the e-brake is on, to put the car in Drive or Reverse, you will have to put your foot on the brake, gently push the e-brake lever in, and then press the R or D button, as shown below:

For parking, make sure your foot is on the brake, the car is in Neutral, and then pull the e-brake lever gently towards you, as shown below:

For the vehicles lift system to get over bumps and other obstacles, lift the stalk underneath the left turn signal stalk gently upwards, and you will be notified on the dashboard that the vehicle has been lifted. Reference the picture below:

Once passing 30MPH, vehicle will automatically lower itself.

Did we miss something you think is useful? Please let us know!

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